The Village and the Grid: Repairing Our Cities

Director Karney Hatch’s new documentary has been in the back of his mind since 2012.  With the working title “The Village and the Grid: Repairing Our Cities”, it focuses on the City Repair Project which began in Portland, Oregon and has since spread to more than forty other cities in the country.  The film will focus on the group’s co-founder, Mark Lakeman, an architect and visionary community organizer.  Mr. Lakeman has been giving slide shows and workshops for over twenty years – the film will capture the essence of these presentations and combine them with the stories of several participants in this year’s Village Building Convergence.

City Repair, as they say on their website, “fosters thriving, inclusive and sustainable communities through the creative reclamation of public space.”  They do this primarily through intersection painting projects and natural building and urban agriculture projects.  They have also been intimately involved in the tiny house movement and in innovative new solutions for the houseless population, such as the thriving Dignity Village in Portland.

The hope with the documentary is that the message of Mr. Lakeman and City Repair will reach many new eyes and ears and will inspire re-villaging projects across the nation and around the world.

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