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As I learned form Heather Flores in “Food Not Lawns”, urban farming is about community just as much as it is about growing plants.  This project has re-taught me that lesson on a daily basis.  So, here is the rapidly growing list of folks who have helped me along the way, from advice to interviews to financial support on the Kickstarter campaign:

Tracy Huston, Menlo Labs

Michael Levenston, City Farmer News

Milli Macen-Moore

James Moore

Farmscape Gardens

Mud Baron

Heather Flores

Darrin Nordahl

Todd Lininger

Mary-Beth Fletcher

Jesse DuBois

Laura Baran

High Mowing Organic Seeds

Ferry-Morse Seed Company

Serena Rundberg

Mariah Talbott

Martin Stott

Guenter Schlusche

Silani Wahlgren

Chris Talbott

Nogdorf Darflap

Jules Beulen

Cynthia J. Lopez

Peter Frigeir

Michael Medaglia

April Johnson

Georgia Sullivan

David Meisner

Justin Kazmark

Marla Tacito

Jane Holman

Lisa O’Rourke

Judith Brenan

Laura Baran

Dennis Berry

Huntington Hatch

Karen Johnson Fosse

Tracey Swanson

Sharon Hatch

Maja Broz

Maggi Fuhriman

Pamela Urbas

Edward Mills

Alex Poltorak

Aletha Spann

Caryn Harris

Gloria Bunker

LeAnn Locher

Dawnn Walters

Sarah Chandler

John Peterson

Andrew Fitzhugh

Sandra Burch

Toni Talbott

Lynn Seigel-Boettner

Cassandra West

Emily Schweninger

Darrin Nordahl

Dave Armstrong

Eric Berry

Shalla McMillen Gill

Lauren Bradbury

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  1. CAN’T wait to view and share your film with others!
    Thank you,

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